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About Us !

We are a local, home town, family owned business outlet !!!

Johnny was born and raised in Longview. Graduated in 1987 from Longview High School and attended Kilgore college then the University of Texas in Tyler. At the age of 23 he began selling flooring at The Carpet Warehouse when it first opened in 1993. After 15 years, he bought the business and has expanded to what is now "The Largest Inventory in East Texas". He is married with two children.

Salomon Agulair was born in Mexico. He came to America when he was 15 and began installing commercial floors. After 3 years he moved to Longview and started installing residential flooring. Working part time at The Carpet Warehouse, he was offered a full time position when Johnny took ownership. Saloman is married with two children.

Raul "Ruffles" Barros has 6 years retail flooring sales. He has knowledge of all different floor coverings are helpful in selecting the right floor for your home or office. Born in Califirnia 1989, he moved to Texas in 1996.